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Web Text Authoring

Already have a web designer whose work you love? No problem! Many web design firms are happy to have someone else do the writing.

Depending on your needs, we'll write or rewrite part or all of your website's text, including whatever level of search engine optimization services you choose. If you request it, and if your web designer is agreeable, we'll even pass along a few hints on tweaking the design code to help search rankings even further.

Can this sort of collaboration work? You bet! Bennaco is experienced at working in collaboration with other web design firms—in fact, several local firms subcontract us to write their text. The advantage to you of having your text done by a professional writer is that the website is more likely to capture the unique flavour of YOU—your business, your voice.

If you're looking for just the right amount of dash and style in your web text, check out the EXAMPLES OF WEB TEXT FOR SITES DESIGNED BY OTHERS

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